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If we’re fortunate, we live and work in places that inspire us. The resources below are some things that have inspired Eight and a Half by Eleven: They’ve ignited creative lessons and new perspectives on using technology in the classroom.

Books + Essays

The Third Teacher | TTT looks at the design of learning spaces and the role of the built environment in the school experience.

Popville | A beautiful pop-up book that illustrates sameness and disruption in the city. This is what paper is good for.


Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information | David Bryne’s work explores PowerPoint as medium.

Excel Art | Danielle Aubert’s work reimagines Excel in a similar way that Byrne’s does PowerPoint.

Places (Digital + Physical)

Futurelab | UK-based organization that does creative work at the intersection of learning, design and technology

OpenIDEO | Platform for collaborating on design challenges

Stanford’s K-12 Lab at the | The hard-to-find wiki for Stanford’s K-12 design materials

The Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators | IDEO’s toolkit for bringing design thinking into the classroom

in progress. / september 2011


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